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Release time:2020-03-23

We will strengthen the performance management of all employees, implement the elimination mechanism of the last position, stimulate the vitality of the organization, and practice the essence of operation.

In order to implement the group's overall development strategic goals and achieve the company's annual business plan, on March 23, the signing ceremony of 2020 target responsibility certificate of OFILM group was successfully held in nanchang future city park.

Cai Rongjun, Chairman of OFILM, attended the meeting and made a mobilization speech. Core teams such as the group's business group presidents, heads of each group of the Marketing Department and heads of each functional department participated in the on-site signing. Some people participated in the meeting through the "online" broadcast room.

Chairman's speech

At the meeting, Cai Rongjun Shared his views on the global economic situation, the development trend of the industry and the performance appraisal of all employees during the epidemic period, and raised higher expectations for the new round of development of the company. He pointed out that due to the covid-19 outbreak, global economic uncertainties will intensify and market consumption capacity will decline in 2020. In such an environment, only those who really have the core competitiveness of the enterprise can get more long-term development.

"Peng sheng hemp, do not help straight." As the company grows in size, it becomes more and more important to build efficient organizations. From 2020, the company will focus on the group's annual core indicators, refine the assessment indicators of each business division and each department, and strengthen the staff KPI assessment mechanism. At the same time, we will carry out the elimination system for the cadres and employees who do not create value or make contribution to the burden, so as to stimulate the vitality of the organization and practice the essence of operation.

In the new competitive pattern affected by COVID 19 epidemic, OFILM must change its development thinking and grasp the changes and opportunities brought by the development of 5G, Internet of things, industrial Internet and other technologies. The existing business lines should be profit-oriented and customer-oriented, optimize the product and industrial structure, realize the substitution of "product, technology and region", and consolidate the leading position of the company in the field of camera. At the same time to the performance of the contract as a new starting point of the "siege from village", to a marketing and innovation, research and development, driven by the core technology innovation and development, the layout of new area, develop new markets, create more added value and technology content of products and services, to achieve customer recognition, expand the market space, open the company in the development of high quality new journey.

Cai Rongjun shall sign the statement of target responsibility with each group of the Marketing Department shall

Cai Rongjun shall sign the statement of target responsibility with the presidents of each business group

Cai Rongjun shall sign the statement of target responsibility with the head of the r&d department

Cai Rongjun shall sign th statement of target responsibility with the head of each functional depent

At the ceremony, Cai Rongjun signed the 2020 target responsibility statement with the heads of each marketing group, the presidents of each business group and the heads of each functional department respectively, setting the goal of "written pledge to fulfill a military order" and determining the annual performance task of 2020.

The leaders of each section have expressed their ambition and determination to face up to the difficulties and achieve the mission with concrete actions. They vowed to make every effort to overcome the difficulties in 2020 to ensure that the annual business objectives and management indicators are fully achieved, so as to make new contributions to the strategic implementation and innovative development of the group.

The signing of the target responsibility is not only a responsibility and commitment, but also an important measure to promote the company's fine management. Looking forward to 2020, the company will make every effort to ensure the implementation and promotion of the annual business objectives and tasks are fully completed, and push the group's work to a new level.

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